Doug and Donna
Missionaries to KENYA
Baptist Bible Fellowship International

Doug began his preparations for missions at the age of 5, when his parents, Bob and Betty Stamper, enrolled at Baptist Bible College to prepare to be missionaries in Ethiopia.  That was the first step, which would ultimately lead to Doug’s understanding God’s call to the mission field of Kenya.

Donna’s preparation began earlier, when she was born into a military family.  God used the experiences of moving every couple of years to prepare her for the missionary life of always being on the move.

In 1975, Doug travelled with his family to Ethiopia, where they enjoyed a short but exciting ministry.  The Stamper family arrived in Ethiopia right after the communist coup, and were among the host of missionaries that were later forced to leave Ethiopia.  His 18 months in Ethiopia were an appetizer for the main course soon to be realized in Kenya.
In 1979, Doug and his family once again traveled to Eastern Africa, this time to the land of Kenya.  Bob and Betty Stamper served as missionaries there for more than 30 years, and Doug was with them for the first 4 years of their time there.  He helped out in the churches, had several opportunities to preach and teach in the churches, and really enjoyed the more practical side of ministry.
Doug and Donna met one another at Baptist Bible College.  Each having already received God’s call, specifically to Kenya, they understood that it was God’s will for them to go together.  Upon completion of Bible College and internship, they were approved as missionaries in 1990.