Independent Baptist Missionary Kids

“To God Be The Glory” © IBMK Ministries

Our Beginnings

We began in 1990, in the hearts of two missionary couples serving in Kenya.  They had a desire to do something special for the missionary kids they knew, and began to discuss what could be done.  We would not want to forget to say a big thank you to the Finch’s and the Stamper’s for the hard work, tears shed, money spent, and opportunities given to bring us to where we are today.

The Tradition Carried On

We thank God for the great work that our founders did to get us together so we could fellowship on the Mk level.  Since our first Camp Out at Lake Naivasha, we have tried to meet every year for that special time we lovingly call MK Kamp.

We have been to Naivasha, Thuchi River Lodge - Runyeges, BTL - Ruiru, and lately in Thika for our camp.  We have eaten fish that we did not like, played games that made us ill, and tried our hands at a number of crafts.  During the years of camp, we have memorized so many verses, raced a few cars and boats, broken an arm, some teeth, and a finger, and heard God’s Word at least twice each day - and we always leave wanting camp to start again next week.  

Bob & Betty Stamper

Bill & Emma Finch

1991 - IBMK Kamp - Naivasha, Kenya